About Thesele

About Thesele

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Who we are

Thesele Group (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-owned investment holding company founded in 2005 by its founding shareholders, Sello Moloko and Thabo Leeuw. It was established with funding secured from Standard Bank and Sanlam as its anchor investors.

Thesele is currently owned by its founders and management (95.2%) and the Thesele Foundation (4.8%).

The name “Thesele” originates from the reverent name given to the great King Moshoeshoe who united the various Basotho clans into one. Basotho proudly refer to themselves as “Bana Ba Thesele”, meaning the children of Thesele.

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It is based on the original Thesele’s founding philosophies that the company has built its core values:

We are uncompromising in our integrity, which is key to our mission is to create worth through hard work and wisdom. In this way we honour ourselves, our partners and society
We accomplish pragmatic delivery of results through hard work and discipline, which are critical to commercial success.
We have the courage to lead and the gravitas to do so with distinction.
This is the cornerstone of our existence. It is not only about correcting the inequities of the past; it’s about creating worth for an equitable future. We remain committed to transformation and seek to achieve this through all that we do.
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To build a pre-eminent business underpinned by high-quality assets, strong professional teams and a strong work ethic.


To be an investment partner that drives the creation of sustainable economic and social worth.

What we do


Established businesses with a track record of positive earnings


Solid and experienced management team


Entrepreneurial companies looking to take their business to the next level


Highly cash generative


Good growth prospects, e.g. require growth capital to unlock value over the medium to long term


High barriers to entry (strong brands, scale, technological edge, proprietary asset or some sustainable competitive advantage)