About us

Our business

Thesele Group (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black-owned investment holding company founded in 2005 by Sello Moloko and Thabo Leeuw.

The company was established with the financial support of Sanlam and Standard Bank, but these two institutions have since sold their interests to the management team.

Thesele has steadily grown into a commercially sustainable business, with sound investments, well-poised for its next phase of growth.

At Thesele, we identify suitable business opportunities where there is a need for capital investment and where we believe we can contribute significantly through our extensive business skills and networks, strategic input and financial expertise.

We believe that the creation of sustainable worth is achieved through commercial wisdom and hands-on hard work.

The Thesele Group is owned by its founders and management (95.2%) and the Thesele Foundation (4.8%).

Thesele is a stable commercial enterprise with sound business principles, clear focus areas, a prudent investment philosophy and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our competitive advantage lies in our unique combination of knowledge and skills, which include a broad spectrum of specialist financial skills, and executive and commercial experience. Our broad networks also mean we have a high deal flow, access to funding and influence on key stakeholders.

Our philosophy

Thesele was the reverent name of the great King Moshoeshoe who united the various Basotho clans into one. The Basotho people proudly refer to themselves as Bana Ba Thesele (the children of Thesele).

Our core values are reflected in our name and just like the original Thesele, we subscribe to the values of honour, accomplishment, leadership and transformation.



We are uncompromising on integrity, and have the courage, strength and resilience to stand our ground to maintain this key value. Our integrity begins with our mission to create worth and our belief that it is produced through hands-on hard work and wisdom. In this way we honour ourselves, our partners and our society.


Underpinning our big ideals, we strive for accomplishment through the pragmatic delivery of results. Our ethos is centred on hard work and discipline, which we believe are critical to commercial success.


We have the courage to lead and we believe we have the gravitas to do it with distinction.


Transformation is the cornerstone of our existence. It is not only about correcting the inequities of the past; it’s about creating worth for an equitable future – both economically and socially. We are committed to transformation and seek to attain it through various activities.

Our people